Omar’s Playlist: Michael K. Williams Reveals the Mix He Made for His Wire Character

“Music is always a part of my characters’ make-up,” explains Michael K. Williams as he scrolls through his iPhone. “All my characters have playlists.” While talking to Williams for a New York Magazine feature, we learned that in order to maintain a given character’s temperament, he crafts playlists. “Sometimes it could be twenty songs, sometimes it’s just two or three.” Each playlist takes quite a bit of time to assemble. He rarely recalls song titles, so he spends hours going through the entirety of his music library, listening for qualities (usually lyrics) that might strike the right mood for a given character or scene. There are some consistencies, though: “There’s a 90 percent chance Nas will be on all my characters’ playlists.” [Read More…]

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Wendell Pierce to Open a Grocery Store in New Orleans

Healthy Foods in non-rich neighborhoods:

“The store will offer a free shuttle to anyone who spends $50 or more, so they need not walk or take the bus with heavy bags. Each month, the store plans a cookout (which in New Orleans usually means a crayfish boil) to raise money for the community.”

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This man did a fantastic performance as a werewolf in the anthology series Fear Itself in the only episode of the series that had a happy ending. I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix if you’re into bad horror movies.

“But grocery stores [in New Orleans] have not rebounded in the same way. Before the storm, there were 30 in New Orleans; today, there are 21. Most that have reopened are in wealthier neighborhoods: a Tulane University survey in 2007, the latest data available, found that nearly 60 percent of low-income residents had to travel more than three miles to reach a supermarket, though only 58 percent owned a car.

“Mr. Pierce is convinced that to preserve its food culture, New Orleans needs good grocery stores as much as restaurants. “When I think of Sterling Farms, I remember those Friday nights with my mother,” he said. “That communal thing of actually going to get the fresh food that you are going to cook and eat together. That’s a memory. As corny as it sounds, it feeds the soul as much as the body.” “

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"Why, if there is any truth to anything presented in The Wire over the last four seasons, does that truth go unaddressed by our political culture, by most of our mass media, and by our society in general? We’ve given our answer: We are a culture without the will to seriously examine our own problems. We eschew that which is complex, contradictory or confusing. As a culture, we seek simple solutions. We enjoy being provoked and titillated, but resist the rigorous, painstaking examination of issues that might, in the end, bring us to the point of recognizing our problems, which is the essential first step to solving any of them."

- David Simon, on The Wire (via vruz)
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