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Wendell Pierce to Open a Grocery Store in New Orleans

Healthy Foods in non-rich neighborhoods:

“The store will offer a free shuttle to anyone who spends $50 or more, so they need not walk or take the bus with heavy bags. Each month, the store plans a cookout (which in New Orleans usually means a crayfish boil) to raise money for the community.”

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This man did a fantastic performance as a werewolf in the anthology series Fear Itself in the only episode of the series that had a happy ending. I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix if you’re into bad horror movies.

“But grocery stores [in New Orleans] have not rebounded in the same way. Before the storm, there were 30 in New Orleans; today, there are 21. Most that have reopened are in wealthier neighborhoods: a Tulane University survey in 2007, the latest data available, found that nearly 60 percent of low-income residents had to travel more than three miles to reach a supermarket, though only 58 percent owned a car.

“Mr. Pierce is convinced that to preserve its food culture, New Orleans needs good grocery stores as much as restaurants. “When I think of Sterling Farms, I remember those Friday nights with my mother,” he said. “That communal thing of actually going to get the fresh food that you are going to cook and eat together. That’s a memory. As corny as it sounds, it feeds the soul as much as the body.” “

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